Quantum Technologies

ORNL researchers are working with the US Department of Energy (DOE), industry, and academia to advance the burgeoning field of Quantum Information Science (QIS). QIS technologies are based on the notion that information can  be coded, sensed, computed, and transferred as quantum physical states, for faster decision-making based on processing larger amounts of data more securely. ORNL researchers are conceptualizing and building devices to manipulate the quantum states of light and matter, measuring their quantum behavior and investigating ways to harness existing telecommunications systems for quantum communications. Members of ORNL’s QIS Group, who provide profound technical expertise in both classical and quantum computing, are also building prototype quantum computers to investigate the best platforms for different kinds of quantum computing. The Laboratory also hosts a robust quantum materials research program that complements our QIS developments. It is projected that nearly every type of business will be impacted by quantum information technologies, and ORNL supports industry by positioning ourselves at the forefront of this high-risk research area. Many of these researchers’ innovations are available for licensing, and opportunities exist for collaborative research and development.

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